Recessed Lighting Installation Cost – A Worthy Purchase?

Recessed lighting is one lighting installation for interior design that gives lighting to the bottom and the bulb is hidden in the wall hole. The use of this installation is quite a in demand by many people because of its function and stylish effect on the interior of a room. However, is it a worthy purchase? Here are for you to know about the recessed lighting installation cost.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is a lighting system installed directly inside a wall, ceiling or other surfaces. It has 3 main components fixtures which are housing, trim, and bulb. Housing is the hidden bulk of the fixture within the wall. The trip is the decorative portion of the lighting and the bulb is the final part that produces light among the fixtures.

There are 5 types of recessed lighting. The most popular type among personal houses is the baffle type. Then there are open, reflectors, eyeballs, and shower lenses. Each type comes with different shapes and produces different results of lighting depending on the shape. For this reason, its use must adjust to the needs and shape of the room. Each recessed lighting installation cost is different too.

Before installing recessed lighting, remember to consider what do you want to illuminate with this system? Choosing the type of lighting according to needs is essential. Two, select the kind of bulb you need. Three, separate the recessed lighting with the original system. Keep in mind that they are different. Remember that the cable system is more complex than the usual lighting system.

The installation cost of recessed lighting

Several factors affect the cost of recessed lighting installation. The factors are bulb type, wiring, labour, location, existing vs new construction, dimmers, permits, trim, and finishes. The total cost of recessed light installation is the sum of the costs per factor. Therefore, make sure to plan the installation well to get the best result with the least cost.

Recessed lighting installation cost based on types of trims started from $5 to $150. The finish types of recessed lighting vary from the white finish, gold and copper to bronze. The cost range started from $10 to $60. There is also the cost based on the bulbs. Canless LED lights for recessed lighting can cost about $20 to $50 per fixture or if including the installation and wiring cost $200 to $300.

Is it worth it?

With the high cost, is it worth purchasing? These doubts can be answered with several considerations. Recessed lighting is useful for focusing lighting so it is suitable for places such as kitchens and reading rooms. The rays of recessed lighting are also brighter compares to halogen lighting and of course it will upgrade the interior design with its natural light colour.

However, the benefits of recessed lighting are not limited to that. You can choose recessed lightings that suit your needs. So you will not regret the recessed lighting installation cost. For maintenance, there is no need to worry because maintenance is easy. If there is damage to one of the parts, simply replace the part without replacing the entire lighting.

Many people use recessed lighting to upgrade the interior design because it does make them look fancy with its natural lighting colour. However, with the installation high cost, some people are holding back and doubt it. Therefore, this article concludes that the purchase of these lighting can be worthy when selecting fixtures that suit your needs.