Room Dividers for Decoration Ideas and Maximizing Your Space in Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment can be either a good or a bad thing. The good thing is, of course, the price. It’s considered a much cheaper living option compare to a regular apartment, more so than a house. This makes many people in the city, especially, choose to live there. But, the struggle about living in a big giant place is there really is no room for doing anything. So you need to separate them on your own. Decoration ideas can be the solution to divide your room, as well as give your place a style.

Figure Out the Layout

Things that you need to figure out before deciding to live in a studio apartment is the layout of your place. You have to know what kind of areas or “rooms” that you need to operate daily. These include things such as your sleeping area, your living room, the kitchen and dining area, as well as other area that you may need. Depends on the size of your studio apartment, if you have a smaller space, only chooses the most essential of those that you really need. 

Usually, what is most people need daily are sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. So, take a look at your place set a layout that makes your place look the biggest. If you can, place the biggest furniture in your place against the wall. This will maximize your place and won’t block your walk flow. In the end, your room will appear bigger. It also is going to be easier to determine what kind of decoration ideas that you choose on each area,

Choose the Design

Because in studio apartment you only have one big giant room, you have to use dividers to separate each room. The function of dividers is not only to differentiate each area of your apartment but can also act as decoration as well. Many dividers are unique and can create a statement in your place. You should make use of those double functions of the dividers and install one or two in your apartment.

The most common divider design that is used as decoration ideas that are clever and brilliant décor ideas is by using bookshelf. Bookshelf is big enough that it can give coverage to your room. If you have a lot of figurines, memorabilia, and collectibles, you should choose this one. It will be a great separator between your living room and bedroom. Display your items to show it to the people who visited you.

Other designs that you can choose is a curtain. Drawn curtain is the oldest trick when it comes to dividers that is easy to do and doesn’t cost as much. But, if you want your apartment to look a bit more polish, you should choose a curtain for your decoration ideas that has that rich fabric look. Make sure that the curtain is heavy too so it looks luxurious. It’s also flexible to move around if you don’t need it during the day.

There are many more things and ideas that you can choose for your room dividers. You should look more into ideas to get inspired to what kind of room divider that is fit to use in your place. But, whatever designs and things that you decided to choose, the end result still is to maximize your place and decorate it in one. So make sure that you use it for your apartment studio.