5 Curtain Ideas For Bedroom That Enhance And Make a Statement

A bedroom is an important place in the house. The design, decoration, and how your bedroom looks can express your style and preference. Here, we talk about curtains that can make major statements in your room. It is not only to filter the sunlight, but also to give privacy, adding atmosphere, and to decorate the room. From tons of shade material and design, here are some curtain ideas for bedrooms that can state your style. 

Here Are Some Bedroom’s Curtain Ideas You Can Easily Adopt 

  1. Clean And Modern Curtain 

In a modern-themed room, the clean, simple, and one single color curtain will suit the room. The cool and restrained atmospheres come as classy and minimalist design. If you are looking for this idea, opt for gray or white-colored shades. At the same time, match with your bedding and overall design color scheme. Add some color accent here and there, to avoid boring looking bedroom.  

  1. Pattern And Festive Print 

Looking for a more colorful and cheerful vibe? choose a pattern or festive printed blinds. Use your keen eye to choose the best linen material as these curtain ideas for bedroom. Make sure the curtain fits with the wall and ceiling paint. Don’t forget to match the overall design, such as the bedding or pillowcases. This is a tip for you! To avoid being overdone, then choose a pattern or festive prints when your interior is in neutral colors. 

  1. Casual Lightweight Curtain 

The casual curtain is always a great choice for those who are looking for a bright room. As the casual design comes with very neutral colors (white, cream, or peach) it also recommended choosing one that made of a lightweight Roman shade. The thin material and eyelet style offers great sunlight that work the best for contemporary design. With the soft color schemes, styles, and patterns, these curtain ideas for bedroom will state chic bedroom. 

  1. Luxurious And Regal Windows

If you want a luxurious almost castle-like bedroom, the use of heavy fabric curtains with regal designs is your option. Accompanied with custom canopy and the same treatment for the window shade, this idea will state the luxe atmosphere. In this particular design, the valance style and goblet pleat curtain will perfect the formal look. For the color choice, you can match with the furniture, ceiling, walls paper or paint.

  1. Play with Color

There are numerous materials and hues available for curtains. From the neutral, bold, vibrant, to the punchier colors, there are a great number of options you can choose from. Take this opportunity to bring color into your room. For example, a design by Nanette Lepore’s curtain ideas for bedroom. It brings a saturated bodacious color combination for the relaxing, gypsy spirit, and cheerful vibe bedroom. 

All in all, a curtain is one of the items that can help complete the overall look of your bedroom. The material, design, pattern, or even the thickness of the curtain will state different purposes and styles. You can play with color and match with the interior design, make luxe backdrop shades to accompany the bed, or use patterns to enlighten the room’s atmosphere. You can choose what fit your style the best.